MEDIATION - Primavera & Ghezzi Law Firm

Patrick Primavera is a certified mediator and is zealously committed to assisting parties to reach an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution of their dispute. His years of experience in private practice as a litigator representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants and serving on behalf of the client in hundreds of mediation’s and arbitration’s has provided the necessary expertise and proper perspective when serving as a mediator. Specifically, continuing to maintain a personal injury and commercial litigation practice and representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants allows for an equitable and neutral approach when assisting others in evaluating their respective positions during the mediation process.

Patrick has been recognized as a leading practitioner in the field of alternative dispute resolution, and is a frequent lecturer on the topic to aspiring mediators. Utilizing his experiences as a trial attorney, Patrick is able to comfortably handle disputes of any size, including the most complex civil litigation topics. Patrick faithfully prepares in advance of all private mediation sessions, and optimistically approaches every mediation with the expectation of a comprehensive resolution. Patrick has achieved an impressive success rate and is passionate about the effectiveness of the mediation process. This passion for the mediation process is reflected in his continued commitment to volunteer his services to the Dispute Resolution Centers in Montgomery and Harris Counties, as well as The Better Business Bureau.

Patrick has mediated well over one hundred fifty cases and disputes over the last six years, and he truly enjoys working with attorneys and their respective clients in creatively securing a mutually beneficial resolution of their dispute.