COMMERCIAL LITIGATION - Primavera & Ghezzi Law Firm

A critical component of this law firm’s daily practice is our ability to successfully handle clients’ commercial disputes. This includes both business clients and individuals involved in commercial disputes. Over the years we have routinely handled and resolved both complex and common commercial litigation matters, offering clients the focus, strategy and efficiency of having litigated hundreds of business lawsuits and disputes to conclusion.

We represent both businesses and individuals in a wide array of commercial disputes including:

  • Business torts
  • Contract and joint venture disputes
  • Debtor and Creditor issues
  • Employee/Employer disputes
  • Fraud and unfair competition disputes
  • Trade secret disputes
  • Representations and warranties

Consistent with the Firm’s experience in protecting our client’s expectations in handling various business transactions and business disputes, a hallmark of our approach is a committed understanding of the client’s objectives. It is our narrow objective, whether representing large multi-national entities or individuals to achieve the optimal business resolution that meets the clients short and long term needs. Although not all disputes are, or for that matter should be tried to a conclusion, this firm possesses the actual experience and training to take every dispute to verdict.

Experience in the courtroom and the knowledge and experience of what will and will not persuade opposing counsel, judges and juries creates a consistent strategic approach in which any business dispute receives the attention and creativity warranted. This proven approach, focused on the needs of the client and the factual leverage they possess, results in more successful and efficient resolution of disputes. The objective is simple: obtain the best possible results for our business clients regardless of whether a plaintiff or a defendant.